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With decades of experience in the index space, Euronext is a leading index provider in Europe for ETFs, structured products and derivatives creation.

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Index licensing at Euronext

Strong industry expertise

As a leading index provider, we have 40 years proven expertise with thematic, strategic and sectorial indices, as well as ESG indices, designed to support common approaches to Environmental, Social and Governance investing.

Over 1,000 indices

Euronext offers more than 1,000 indices of all sizes and profiles, providing widely recognised benchmark solutions. We design, manage, calculate and publish advanced and cutting-edge solutions licensed by the world’s largest issuers of financial products.

Seven major national indices in Europe

We offer blue-chip indices for France: CAC 40®, Belgium: BEL 20®, Italy: MIB® ESG, Ireland: ISEQ 20®, Norway: OBX®, Portugal: PSI® and The Netherland: AEX® as well as blue-chip ESG variants.

Why invest in Euronext indices?

Trusted by global leaders

We design, calculate and broadcast indices licensed to the world’s largest issuers of financial products, providing them with:

  • Consultation
  • Regulation
  • Quick execution time
  • A client centric team
  • Strong brand and track record
  • World coverage
  • Fair pricing
  • Deep expertise in ESG and climate indices

Most of our climate-focused indices are aligned with EU Climate benchmarks such as Paris-Aligned benchmarks (PAB) and Climate Transition benchmarks (CTB).

Several of our indices are compliant with EU ESG/SRI labels such as the French SRI label, Towards Sustainability label and German FNG label.

We closely follow the different EU regulations framing the ESG space in order to advise our clients and propose them the best suitable solutions.

Euronext Indices for Investors

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Create ETFs, structured products and derivatives with a leading index provider

Serving millions of clients

  • For over 30 years, Euronext’s flagship national indices have served millions of clients for their investment strategies and product creations,
  • The CAC 40® Future is the second most traded national derivative product in Europe,
  • Our thematic indices match growing trends and investor demands, such as:
    • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
    • Gender Equality
    • AI & NLP
    • Cybersecurity

Including: Euronext® Eurozone ESG Large 80, Low Carbon Europe 100®, Euronext® Climate Europe, CAC 40® Governance and more

Euronext indices provide opportunities for the creation of a wide range of investment vehicles, such as ETFs, funds and structured products.

15,000+ ETFs, funds, warrants, certificates, futures and options are associated with our indices. They capture billions in assets under management.
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Custom indices

Euronext also offers an efficient creation of on-demand indices

We create Euronext-branded customised indices for structured products and ETF issuers:

  • We design, backtest and make an index live on the data vendor screens within 4 weeks,
  • We provide you with open data provider architecture with your favourite ESG, low carbon and alternative data providers,
  • Your customised indices benefit from our widely recognised Euronext brand.

Euronext indices received 3 awards in 2023

Euronext indices won 3 awards in 2023

Euronext has been awarded:

At the Ethical Finance Awards, hosted by Wealth & Finance Magazine, in May 2023.

At the SRP Europe Awards in March 2023.

Euronext LIVE markets

Empowering sustainable growth

Focus on ESG

For issuers, being part of an ESG index facilitates analyst coverage, draws the attention of specialised investors and boosts visibility.


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