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Investor Figures

Provides an unique insight into investor-related behavior and key figures through structured market and investor data

Choose your service level of comprehensive data for your company or for an entire sector or market. The data can be delivered daily, weekly and monthly, or according to customer needs. The delivery of data is delivered on FTP.

This product is based on investor data on Norwegian markets from 2007.


Available analysis

Market Oslo Stock Exchange Oslo Stock Exchange All market places
What One ISIN Choose up to 30 ISINs All ISINs
Frequency Monthly Weekly Daily
History No history Three months Six months
Distribution No distribution Distribution through own channels Free distribution

Any requests that is not covered by our service levels?

See our available variables and let us customize a report that meets your needs.

Available variables


Stian Paulsen - Euronext Securities Oslo

Stian Paulsen

Customer Experience Manager, Euronext Securities Oslo