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Equity Pulse

A snapshot of the performance on your securities during the previous week.

In todays capital market knowing your shareholders is key. Not only the size of their ownership, but also their movements as well as the investor concentration of your security. By signing up you’ll receive the six-page report every Monday morning providing you data compiled by the last 13 weeks, as well as the biggest changes made in your investor base the previous week. In addition we’ve also included development in share price, market share as well as geographical display of your shareholders.

Contact us today and let us help you improve your weekly reporting with Equity Pulse.

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Market Delivery Fee Cancelation
Available for all Euronext Securities Oslo (ES-OSL) registered securities (shares).  The report is delivered as a pdf to preferred e-mail address. Several recipients are possible giving your company the chance to easily stay informed throughout the organisation.  An external distribution is not prohibited. Set up: NOK 1.500,- Monthly fee: NOK 1.200,- Billed monthly 30 days mutual cancellation period


Christian A. Viken - Euronext Securities

Christian A. Viken

EVP, Customer Experience and Analytics