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Non-euro Currency Settlement System


The Non-euro Currency Settlement System (SLME), managed by INTERBOLSA accepts, since September 30, 2019, the settlement and income payments related to Exchange-Trade Funds (ETFs) denominated in a non-euro currency.

The list of eligible currencies has also been extended to the:

  • Chinese offshore;
  • Norwegian krone;
  • Swedish krona.

The Non-euro Currency Settlement System processes the settlement of all operations in non-euro eligible currency, namely the settlement of operations carried out over-the-counter, the settlement of “non-clearable” market operations and the income payments and redemptions.

To properly accommodate these amendments, INTERBOLSA amended the INTERBOLSA Regulation No. 2/2016, the INTERBOLSA Circular No. 1/2016 and the INTERBOLSA Circular No. 4/2016.