IPOready, Euronext’s new pan-European pre-IPO programme deployed across Europe


Euronext is proud to announce that IPOready will now be Euronext’s unique pan-European business educational pre-IPO programme. IPOready aims to support European companies considering a listing on Euronext in the coming years. IPOready will combine and replace Euronext’s successful legacy TechShare, GoPublic, IPOready, and FamilyShare programmes into one single comprehensive pre-IPO programme for businesses ready to take the next step towards financing their growth journey.

Our 6-month educational programme is designed to provide executives with the tools and insights they need to achieve IPO readiness and success while focusing on building a strong European community of alumni to provide ongoing support and guidance between peers.

Building on a Successful Pre-IPO Programmes Track Record

Euronext’s pre-IPO programmes have a proven track record, having already trained over 920 high profile companies since 2015, including close to 30 companies that went public on Euronext following their participation. Euronext’s global pre-IPO campus has become a flagship event for our legacy TechShare, IPOready, Go Public and FamilyShare programmes’ participants and partners, with over 200 of them joining from across Europe every year. Euronext’s pre-IPO programmes count with the support of 90 partners and sponsors from the financial industry.

Since 2018, our programmes have expanded to new geographies adapting to local specificities and macroeconomic trends. Indeed over the last few years, Euronext welcomed within its pre-IPO programmes companies originally from around 10 countries, from the 7 markets where Euronext operates, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Italy Norway, France, but also from Spain, Central Eastern Europe and the Nordic region.

IPOready, the unique pan-European pre-IPO programme for companies willing to getting prepared for a potential future IPO on Euronext markets

With IPOready now unifying its legacy pre-IPO programmes, Euronext provides a comprehensive and unified approach enriched by the diversity of companies selected from all sectors. One of the key benefits of IPOready is its ability to attract a diverse set of participants from traditional industries to cutting-edge technology companies. This unification reflects our commitment to creating a unified, European and global dynamic community for participants, helping to foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that can drive innovation, growth and prosperity. IPOready provides participants with access to Euronext's vast ecosystem, networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, and exposure to potential investors. Euronext develops with IPOready an alumni network, provides former participants with follow-up and mentorship until their potential IPO, and maintain the relationship with Euronext with for example the Euronext Tech Leaders initiative.

A distinguishing feature of Euronext’s pre-IPO programme has been its strong ESG expertise historically provided to its pre-IPO alumni. While investors are increasingly demanding regarding ESG features of equity stories during the IPO process and after, Euronext is leader in ESG and in accompanying companies building strong ESG stories while carrying out their IPOs. ESG is to further become a core element of IPOready, with all participants to be trained on the main ESG dimensions for preparing a successful IPO and the opportunity to dive deeper on ESG topics with dedicated sessions.