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Investor activity on Euronext Growth during 2020


The Norwegian retail activity has bursted during 2020, and Euronext Growth has now 60 000 retail investors

Euronext Growth (previously Merkur Market) started out the year by having approximately 10 400 retail investors. Overall, the year experienced double-digit growth figures during 7 of 11 months. August was the month with the strongest growth, where the number of investors more than doubled up to 44 000. By the end of November Euronext Growth had just under 60 000 retail investors which entailed a year to date growth of approximately 475%, compared to the 450 000 local retail investors on Oslo Børs Main Market that saw an increase of local investors by 18% by the end of October. The number of investors is expected to increase further in 2021, though not at the same pace.

2020 has also seen record numbers in listings on Euronext Growth, and 2020 is expected to end on 49 listings. Share savings accounts (ASK) for equities has increased by 46% and has now passed 560 000 accounts.


2020 has for sure been a special year for all of us, and it will be interesting to see what 2021 will bring.

Happy New Year to all of you, Euronext VPS wishes you all the best. See you in 2021!