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Euronext Securities Porto updated its fee books for 2024


Taking into account the current geopolitical and economic context, Euronext Securities Porto has decided to adjust the price list to be applied to the services provided to Financial Intermediaries and the Price List to be applied to the services provided to Issuers, in order to cope with the increase in costs caused by inflation which, according to the latest information from the Bank of Portugal and international organisations, is estimated to exceed 3.5% in 2024.

Therefore, as of 1 January 2024, the fees charged by Euronext Securities Porto will be updated by 2.7%, which is below the forecast inflation rate. Euronext Securities Porto will continue to internalise part of the increase in costs caused by the effect of inflationary pressure in Portugal.

It was also decided to change the following fees:

  • the family discount is increased from 5% to 7.5% for a total annual volume of settlement instructions carried out in T2S exceeding 12 million. Euronext Securities Porto created, in July 202, a family discount with the aim of encouraging direct participation by financial intermediaries in the 4 CSDs of Euronext Group.
  • the minimum maintenance is increased from €105,90 to 200,00€ per year. This fee is charged whenever the monthly maintenance fees do not fulfil the minimum annual maintenance fee established.
  • with the aim of encouraging issuers of securities issued in certificates form to convert these securities into book-entry securities, the special management fee for certificates securities was increased from €0.26 to €0.325.

Euronext Securities Porto continues to invest in updating its technology and in the talent of its human resources to support the needs of its clients, as well as maintaining high levels of investment to cope with operational changes resulting from new regulations and European projects, particularly those led by the ECB, with an impact on Euronext Securities Porto’s activity.