Euronext announces volumes for October 2019

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Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London, Oslo and Paris – 6 November 2019 – Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, today announced trading volumes for October 2019. Following the completion of the acquisition of Oslo Børs VPS, the figures below include all Oslo activity since July 2019 and 2018 figures have been restated to include Oslo Børs activity (of which Fishpool in future commodities and OTC derivatives designated as Taylor Made).

 ¨Cash trading

In October 2019, the average daily transaction value on the Euronext cash order book stood at €8,573 million, down -13.4% compared to October 2018 and down -1.8% from the previous month.

The average daily transaction value on the ETF order book was €219 million, down -31% compared to October 2018 and up +4% from the previous month. At the end of October 2019, 1,239 ETFs were listed on Euronext compared to 1,150 at the end of December 2018.

 ¨Derivatives trading

In October 2019, the overall average daily volume on derivatives reached 604,299 contracts, down -5.4% compared to October 2018 and down -1.2% compared to the previous month. In detail:

  • the average daily volume on equity index derivatives reached 248,738 contracts, down -12.3% compared to October 2018 and up +3.9% from the previous month,
  • the average daily volume on individual equity derivatives reached 286,786 contracts, down -6.9% compared to October 2018 and down -10.1% from the previous month,
  • the average daily volume on commodity derivatives reached 59,169 contracts, up +36.6% compared to October 2018 and up +33.6% from the previous month.
  • the average daily volume on Taylor-Made derivatives reached 9,606 contracts, up +139.1% compared to October 2018 and up +8.9% from the previous month.

Year-to-date, the overall average daily volume on Euronext derivatives stood at 599,423 contracts (-3.1% compared to 2018 YTD) and the open interest was at 20,240,557 contracts (-3.9% compared to the end of October 2018).

 ¨FX spot trading

In October 2019, the average daily volume on the spot foreign exchange market of Euronext FX stood at $18,661 million, down -2.7% compared to October 2018 and down -2.4% from the previous month.


In October 2019, Euronext had six new listings, raising €1.2 billion in total. Among other deals, Verallia, the global producer of glass packaging, joined in Paris, while strong interest for sustainability was confirmed with IPOs of cleantechs Boostheat and Hoffmann Green Cement. Education Tech SME Kahoot! also joined in Oslo, among other local IPOs. In addition, €2.9 billion was raised in follow-on equity.

A total of €106.5 billion was raised on Euronext in bonds of which €3,150 million of green bonds from Action Logement Services SAS (€1 billion), Crédit Agricole SA (€1 billion), Engie (€900 million) and Réseau ferré de France (€250 million).

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European Cash Market Monthly Activity        
 Oct-19Sep-19 Oct-18 YTD 2019YTD 2018
Nb trading days2321 23 214214 
NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS (Buy and sells) (reported trades included)    
 Oct-19Sep-19Change %
Oct-18Change % YOYYTD 2019YTD 2018Change %
Total Cash Market 147,533,13640,710,86016.8%55,021,950-13.6%406,545,370446,230,244-8.9%
ADV Cash Market 12,066,6581,938,6126.6%2,392,259-13.6%1,899,7452,085,188-8.9%
TRANSACTION VALUE ( € million - Single counted)      
Eur millionOct-19Sep-19Change %
Oct-18Change % YOYYTD 2019YTD 2018Change %
Total Cash Market 1197,179.2183,373.27.5%227,795.0-13.4%1,741,831.81,964,348.1-11.3%
ADV Cash Market 18,573.08,732.1-1.8%9,904.1-13.4%8,139.49,179.2-11.3%
LISTINGS 4        
Number of Issuers on EquitiesOct-19Sep-19Change %
Oct-18Change % YOYDecember 2018Change %  
EURONEXT 21,4721,476-0.3%1,28814.3%1497-1.7% 
Number of Listed Securities        
CAPITAL RAISED on Equities on Primary and Secondary Market     
(mln of €)Oct-19Sep-19Change %
Oct-18Change % YOYYTD 2019YTD 2018Change %
Nb New Listings62 6 3756 
Money Raised New Listings
 incl over allotment
1,2340 -1,375-10.3%3,0044,939-39.2%
of which Money Raised New Listings1,2340 -1,304-5.4%2,9554,717-37.4%
Follow-ons on Equities2,9141,339117.7%20,994-86.1%28,33549,243-42.5%
Bonds 106,528145,761-26.9%101,2205.2%1,032,455798,43329.3%
Total Money Raised 3110,676147,100-24.8%123,589-10.4%1,063,794852,61524.8%
of which SMEs        
CAPITAL RAISED on Equities on Primary and Secondary Market     
(mln of €)Oct-19Sep-19Change %
Oct-18Change % YOYYTD 2019YTD 2018Change %
Nb New Listings51 4 3249 
Money Raised New Listings
 incl over allotment
3450 -103236.5%7701,243-38.1%
of which Money Raised New Listings3450 -101241.2%7551,211-37.7%
Follow-ons on Equities998387157.6%71240.2%4,4424,756-6.6%
Bonds 21582587.5%235-8.5%685895-23.5%
Total Money Raised 31,558395294.1%1,04948.5%5,8966,893-14.5%
1 Shares, warrants, ETFs, bonds…
2 Euronext, Euronext Growth and Euronext Access
3 Included New Listings incl over allotment, Follow-ons on Equities, Corporate Bonds on Euronext Listed Issuers
4 Since February 2019, those figures include Euronext Access to fully reflect the listing dynamics on Euronext markets. Are considered as SMEs companies with a market cap on Jan 1st or on 1st day of Listing below €1bn.  Comparable data has been restated
R : Revised        

European Derivatives Market Monthly Activity        
 Oct-19Sep-19 Oct-18 YTD 2019YTD 2018 
Nb trading days2321 23 214214 
Volume (in lots)        
 Oct-19Sep-19Change % MOMOct-18Change % YOYJan 2019 till  Oct 2019Jan 2018 till Oct 2018Change %
Individual Equity6,596,0846,702,139-1.6%7,081,598-6.9%63,522,81065,604,982-3.2%
TM Derivatives220,930185,22319.3%92,396139.1%1,455,1012,645,740-45.0%
Options00 1,070 1,4701,970-25.4%
Total Futures6,164,9745,152,39919.7%5,588,72110.3%52,044,92650,520,8163.0%
Total Options7,733,8997,694,3430.5%9,108,566-15.1%76,231,57181,853,418-6.9%
Total Euronext13,898,87312,846,7428.2%14,697,287-5.4%128,276,497132,374,234-3.1%
ADV (in lots)        
 Oct-19Sep-19Change % MOMOct-18Change % YOYJan 2019 till  Oct 2019Jan 2018 till Oct 2018Change %
Individual Equity286,786319,149-10.1%307,896-6.9%296,836306,565-3.2%
TM Derivatives9,6068,8208.9%4,017139.1%6,80012,363-45.0%
Options00 47 79-25.4%
Total Futures268,042245,3529.2%242,98810.3%243,201236,0793.0%
Total Options336,256366,397-8.2%396,025-15.1%356,222382,493-6.9%
Total Euronext604,299611,750-1.2%639,012-5.4%599,423618,571-3.1%
Open Interest      
 Oct-19Sep-19Change % MOMOct-18Change % YOY 
Individual Equity17,338,22515,632,16610.9%18,170,678-4.6% 
TM Derivatives340,023313,4768.5%293,31115.9% 
Options00 1,170  
Total Futures2,989,8052,354,71727.0%1,849,75361.6% 
Total Options17,250,75216,077,0097.3%19,218,024-10.2% 
Total Euronext20,240,55718,431,7269.8%21,067,777-3.9% 
R : Revised      

Euronext FX 1        
 Oct-19Sep-19 Oct-18 YTD 2019YTD 2018 
Nb trading days2321 23 217217 
Euronext FX Volume (in USD millions, single counted)    
 Oct-19Sep-19Change %
Oct-18Change % YOYYTD 2019YTD 2018Change %
Total Euronext FX Market 429,199401,3546.9%440,994-2.7%4,088,7064,386,983-6.8%
ADV Euronext FX Market 18,66119,112-2.4%19,174-2.7%18,84220,217-6.8%
1 formerly known as FastMatch