Euronext confirms its position as the leading equity listing venue in Europe and debt listing worldwide in 2022


  • 83 new equity listings on Euronext markets in 2022, representing an aggregated market capitalisation at listing of €23 billion, and €3.8 billion in new capital raised
  • Simplification of listing rules in Italy to facilitate access for issuers
  • 7,800+ new bond listings on Euronext markets in 2022
  • 310+ new ESG bond listings on Euronext markets in 2022, bringing all-time money raised through ESG bonds to €1.0 trillion
  • 450+ new clients for Euronext Corporate Services in 2022

Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo, Milan, Paris – 30 December 2022 – Euronext, the leading pan-European market infrastructure, confirmed the attractiveness of its primary markets activity in 2022, remaining the leading venue for equity listing in Europe and debt listing worldwide.

Euronext operates listing venues in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo, Milan and Paris, and is home to 1,900+ equity issuers, worth €6.4 trillion in aggregated market capitalisation. As of today, Euronext is by far the largest stock market operator in Europe in terms of aggregated market capitalisation. Additionally, 25% of the shares traded in Europe are traded on Euronext markets.

In 2022, Euronext welcomed 83 new equity listings – half of which were carried out by Tech companies – representing an aggregated market capitalisation at listing of €23 billion, and raising €3.8 billion.

In June 2022, Euronext launched the Euronext Tech Leaders segment, dedicated to high-growth and leading Tech companies, with key partners active in private and public equity markets. Since the launch of the initiative, Euronext has welcomed four new Euronext Tech Leaders to its markets, bringing the total for the segment to 110+ issuers, with an aggregated market capitalisation of €0.8 trillion as of 29 December 2022. This initiative further strengthens Euronext’s Tech ecosystem of 700+ listed Tech companies, 660+ private companies that are alumni of its pre-IPO programmes and a large base of international investors financing all types of Tech company growth profiles.

Euronext remains the European equity listing venue of reference, being home to nearly 400 large-capitalisation issuers1 and 1,500+ SME issuers, and continues to attract leading companies across all industries and geographies.

In 2022, large-capitalisation companies again took advantage of the wide range of listing options available on Euronext markets. Notably, Vår Energi (€774m raised, €6.9bn of market capitalisation at listing) - the most valuable oil exploration and production company to conduct an IPO globally in the past 10 years, Technoprobe (€713 million raised, €3.4 billion of equity value at listing2), and Industrie De Nora (€480 million raised, €2.7 billion of equity value at listing3) chose the traditional IPO route, Technicolor Creative Studios (€1.1 billion of market capitalisation at listing) and DEME (€2.4 billion of market capitalisation at listing) spun off from their parent companies, while FL Entertainment (€4.5 billion of market capitalisation at listing) and Deezer (€1.0 billion of market capitalisation at listing) carried out business combinations with SPACs listed on Euronext.

This year Euronext introduced a new listing framework in Italy, which is harmonised with Group and global standards to simplify access to financing on its venues for both local and international issuers.

The Euronext debt listing business has also grown in 2022, reinforcing its worldwide leadership position:

  • Over 7,800 new bonds were listed in 2022, bringing the total to more than 53,000 bonds listed at the end of 2022
  • Euronext’s leadership position in ESG bonds was strengthened with more than 310+ new ESG bond listings in 2022, raising €200 billion. As of the end of 2022, €1 trillion has been raised through ESG bonds on Euronext markets in total.

Euronext Corporate Services, Euronext’s suite of digital and corporate solutions, has also grown significantly with more than 450+ new clients added in 2022, supported by the acceleration in digitalisation trends. Euronext Corporate Services now counts over 4,500 clients across 30 countries.

Stéphane Boujnah, CEO and Chairman of the Managing Board of Euronext N.V. said: Euronext has confirmed its leadership as number one equity listing venue in Europe. We continue to support issuers in their capital markets journey, leveraging our European roots and global ambition to provide them with the means to grow and achieve their goals. Euronext continues to play a central role in making the Capital Markets Union project a tangible reality, creating a single integrated market for capital in the European Union. In 2022, we built Euronext Tech Leaders to bring together European Tech champions in the same European segment and index. In March next year, the migration of the Italian cash markets to the Euronext state-of-the-art proprietary trading platform Optiq® will further strengthen our single European liquidity pool and reinforce Euronext’s position as the leading listing venue in Europe.”



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Issuers with a market capitalisation above €1 billion


  Considering both listed and unlisted shares


  Considering both listed and unlisted shares


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