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CY4GATE Group transfers to Euronext STAR Milan


  • CY4GATE is the 27th firm to move from Euronext Growth Milan to Euronext Milan and the 16th transfer to the Euronext STAR Milan segment
  • 8th listing in 2023 on Euronext Milan

    Milan – 26 June 2023 – Borsa Italiana, part of the Euronext Group, today congratulates CY4GATE Group on its transfer from Euronext Growth Milan to the Euronext STAR Milan segment.

    CY4GATE Group was founded in 2014 to meet an unconventional demand for cybersecurity. CY4GATE Group was conceived to design, develop and produce technologies and products, systems and services that are able to meet the most stringent and modern requirements of “Cyber Intelligence & Cyber Security” expressed by the Armed Forces, the Police Forces, the Intelligence Agencies and the Companies, on the national and foreign market.

    CY4GATE Group brings the total number of firms currently listed on the Euronext STAR Milan to 73.

    CY4GATE Group represents the twenty-seventh firm to move from Euronext Growth Milan to Euronext Milan, the sixteenth transfer to the Euronext STAR Milan segment and the eighth listing on Euronext Milan in 2023.

    Domitilla Benigni, President of CY4GATE Group, said: “Following our June 2020 listing on Euronext Growth Milan, this subsequent step is a source of great pride and it showcases recognition of the effectiveness of our industrial vision as a high-tech product company focused on being a cyber competence centre in Italy and in Europe. Since the very beginning, Elt Group has believed in this project as a way to enhance cyber capabilities in the defence sector, while developing cyber tech sovereignty that benefits the business world and institutions. It is a significant step for the company, made possible thanks to a modern corporate governance model and transparency towards investors, while striving to uphold excellence criteria by accessing increase stock liquidity”.

    Emanuele Galtieri, CEO of CY4GATE Group, said: “This is a long-awaited milestone, while simultaneously introducing a new route, which will be as challenging as it is rewarding. Over the years, CY4GATE has showcased solidity, a high propensity for innovation and internationalisation and business sustainability in high-potential markets: moving  to the STAR segment will further boost such qualities, also increasing brand visibility. Our gratitude goes out to the entire team who worked tenaciously and enthusiastically to ensure the achievement of all the challenging goals which the company has set for itself during the last three years, enabling it to confirm and consolidate the company strategy laid out since the June 2020 IPO on Euronext Growth Milan”. 


    Caption Domitilla Benigni, Chairwoman of CY4GATE Group, Emanuele Galtieri, CEO of CY4GATE Group and Marco Latini, CFO of CY4GATE Group, rang the bell during the market open ceremony this morning to celebrate the Initial Public Offering of the company.       

    CY4GATE Group

    The Company was founded in 2014 to meet an unconventional demand for cyber security. CY4Gate S.p.A., listed on the Euronext Growth Milan since June 2020, from June 2023 it was admitted to listing on the Euronext Milan Star segment. CY4Gate S.p.A. was conceived to design, develop and produce technologies and products, systems and services that are able to meet the most stringent and modern Cyber Intelligence & Cyber Security requirements, as expressed by Law Enforcement Agencies, Armed Forces, Institutions and Companies, both at home and abroad.

    Representing a unique Italian industrial project, Cy4Gate operates in all facets of the cyber market, with proprietary products that meet the needs for information collection and analysis as well as security: Quipo and Amico, in the world of Cyber ​​Intelligence; RTA, Diateam, CTI and Pronto Cyber ​​in the world of Cyber ​​Security.

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