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World Cancer Research Fund NL for World Cancer Day 2014 and 20th anniversary


Nowadays cancer is worldwide the leading cause of death with over 8.2 million deaths per year. On World Cancer Day 2014, that took place on Tuesday 4 February with the theme ‘Debunk the myths about cancer’, attention is given to the fact that cancer is the key health burden we face in our generation. World Cancer Research Fund NL sounds the gong to raise awareness for the importance of and the need for cancer prevention.

This year World Cancer Research Fund NL celebrates its 20th anniversary as the leading authority in the field of cancer prevention through diet and lifestyle in the Netherlands. The foundation is part of the global World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) network, a network of independent organizations around the world who are committed to the prevention of cancer. Scientific evidence shows that over a third of the most common cancers can be prevented by eating a healthy diet, being regularly physically active and being a healthy weight. Director of the World Cancer Research Fund NL, Nadia Ameyah, sounds the gong.

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