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Winners of the SME Innovation Top 100 sound gong


The winner of this year’s Top 100 Innovative SMEs, Rik Breur, founder of Micanti, sounds the gong during a visit to Beursplein 5.

On Wednesday 11 June, the Chamber of Commerce, Mercedes Benz and NRC Media presented the ninth annual ranking of the 100 top innovations in the Dutch SME sector. The highest ranking company is Amsterdam-based Micanti BV, producer of a non-toxic, self adhesive foil used to seal the hull of a ship. The foil, Thorn-D, is a patented, environmentally friendly solution designed to prevent organisms such as barnacles and mussels from adhering to the sides of ships.

Second place winner is the family business GPC Kant of Leens in Groningen. The company has developed and patented a machine that can peel 1,000 kilos of the tiny Dutch, or brown shrimp, a day. TheWheel, produced by Apeldoorn-based company e-Traction B.V. finished in third place. TheWheel is a unique electric, direct-drive-in-wheel motor, which means that the stator and rotor are reversed; everything inside the wheel is stationary, while the outside rotates. The wheel itself is the drive mechanism for vehicles using TheWheel system.

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