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Voordegroei opens trading

Growth companies in search of funding have access to Voordegroei, a Dutch online investment platform founded by a group of investment industry professionals. Managing Partner Bart Vemer sounds the gong.

Voordegroei was established in order to efficiently connect growth businesses and wealthy individuals and thereby get the billions of stagnant euros in The Netherlands in motion. Voordegroei was founded by Bart Vemer, Vera van Kesteren and Ivo Feeke. They come from BNP Paribas Investment Partners with a history in asset management and private banking. They have teamed up with crowd funding- and finance specialist Pim Betist of Ripplestarters. With Voordegroei they mark a new phase in the professionalization of the crowd funding market in the Netherlands.

Voordegroei is an online investment platform for the top segment of SMEs, bringing together entrepreneurs and investors. Voordegroei evaluates the loan application, handles the financial screening and assesses the growth strategy of the SME. Voordegroei stands for innovation, commitment and expertise. The team has many years of experience in asset management and was at the foundation of crowd funding in the Netherlands.

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