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Villa Joep takes research into neuroblastoma public


Villa Joep, the Dutch foundation against neuroblastoma childhood cancer, takes promising research results public. By sounding the gong, Villa Joep draws attention for the further development of scientific breakthroughs into new treatment options.

“Achieving this requires significant amounts of money, also from the corporate world”,says Chairman Jos Huijbregts.“Villa Joep has been highly successful in boosting research. Two years ago, Villa Joep-funded researchers achieved major breakthroughs, which were published in the internationally renowned scientific journal Nature. As a relatively small foundation, this gives us great pride. It is of vital importance that these breakthroughs are now taken further to lead to new, effective treatments. That is why today we bring neuroblastoma research to the attention of the business world.”

Villa Joep organizes ‘The Encounter’ between art and research in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam on Wednesday November 12th. At this special occasion researchers, volunteers, patients and their parents, professional partners and sponsors will meet. It will be an afternoon with royal allure as Her Majesty Queen Máxima will be present for a part of the program. The Villa Joep Elephant sounds the gong.

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