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USG People celebrates launch of Online Business Solutions by sounding gong


Hans van Rijnswoud, Director of Adver-Online, opens the Amsterdam stock exchange on Interim Staff Day. Ceremonially, USG People launches its Online Business Solutions today in the presence of Rob Zandbergen, CEO of USG People, Jan Peter Tulip, Director Netwerven, and Steve Sichtman, Director Blue Carpet.

In the HR sector, innovation and technology applications play an increasingly important role. USG People meets these demands and has recently acquired interests in Adver-Online, Netwerven and Blue Carpet, three young technology driven companies that have already successfully acquired a position in online HR services.

The Online Business Solutions are propositions with strong technology-driven applications. This enables USG People to develop new online business models and also act as an enabler for the digital transformation of existing operations. These business solutions enable customers to optimize their human resources processes. USG People is constantly looking for the best way to bind together employers and employees, and to further develop the added value for the labor market.

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