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Top Woman of the Year 2017


Top Woman of the Year 2017 Ingrid de Graaf sounds the gong

Ingrid de Graaf, member of the board of Aegon (ticker symbol: AGN), has been named Top Woman of the Year 2017 and celebrates by sounding the gong.

According to the jury under the direction of Pamela Bouwmeester, De Graaf emphasizes the significance of her role in management in society and acts as someone who connects people: "She not only wants to build bridges between men and women, but also between different cultures". The jury also states that De Gaaf "as a role model can be an inspirational example for young women and men."

During the celebration ceremony, the Young Talent 2017 was also announced. The Young Talent Award is an encouragement award for female talent up to the age of 31 years, and was awarded to Disa Jironet, prosecutor in training at the Public Prosecution Service.

The annual election is held by the Stichting Topvrouw van het Jaar, which aims to give female talent the attention it deserves.

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