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The students challenge : How to work effectively in a multicultural environment?


During their internship in Euronext Group, 16 high school students worked on the following topic : "How to work effectively in a multicultural environment?"

From June 23th to 27th, with the help from NGO "Crée ton avenir!!!" Euronext group welcomed 16 high school students for a one-week internship. During this week, they participated to several workshops which help them to build their educational and vocational guidance. With the participation of volunteers from the company, they discovered activities, organization, and several jobs of Euronext group. "Cree ton avenir!!!" also worked with them to develop their soft skills such as team spirit, creativity, sense of organization, sense of responsability, initiative spirit, self-confidence, perseverance, sense of communication, autonomy, mastering of their environment. They learned how to make the connection between themselves, their soft skills, their wishes, the professional world, and school. To have a better overall view of the specificities of Euronext Group, all along the week, by team of four, they worked on the advantages and disadvantages of multiculturalism  in a company