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Sounding of the gong marks start of Sneekweek


The sounding of the gong by Gerlof van der Werf, Managing Director Public Relations & Sponsoring KWS, marks the start of the Sneekweek. The Sneekweek is the largest sailing regatta on inner lakes of Europe and is having its 79th edition. Over 1600 participants in 35 differents classes will compete for the champion trophy from August 1-7. Organising committee is the Royal Yacht Club Sneek.

The races will be held on the Sneekermeer, with more than 100 volunteers ensuring all will be flawless. The Royal Yacht Club Sneek is financially supported by main sponsor Lipton Ice Tea (Unilever) and sub sponsors Gaastra Pro Gear, Snakewear, Sony, Rabobank, Brunel, Heineken and Veenema/Texaco.

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