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SOS Children’s Villages visits Euronext Amsterdam


SOS Children’s Villages has been committed to children without parents or safe home for 65 years.

The international children's charity believes that family is the most important basis for the healthy development of children. Thanks to SOS Children’s Villages hundreds of thousands of children worldwide have found a solid foundation to develop into independent and promising adults. Preferably within the family, but if that's not possible, in a SOS family in a Children's Village.

Ceu Gonçalves grew up in Portugal with her two sisters in a SOS Children's Village because they would have otherwise stood alone. Ceu looks back on a loving and secure childhood with her mother and her SOS brothers and sisters. She went to school, graduated, got a job and met her (Dutch) husband. They now live with their daughter in the Netherlands. Ceu is an example of how children can grow up happily with family love and how they can develop. Ceu Gonçalves sounds the gong to call attention to all children in the world who stand alone.

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