Savings Account for UNICEF


Sounding of the gong for a trip with ING for UNICEF

The Euronext listed ING (ticker symbol: INGA) is looking for a pair of energetic travelers to make a trip to Madagascar for UNICEF. They sound the gong to give extra attention to their search.

As ambassadors of the Savings Account for UNICEF the pair will experience first-hand what UNICEF has been able to do with the contributions made by ING customers and what this means for preschool children in Madagascar. ING customers who have a Savings Account for UNICEF automatically support  UNICEF’s work in Madagascar.

The whole trip will be filmed so that everyone interested in the Savings Account for UNICEF can see how UNICEF is using the donations to help as many Madagascan children as possible into preschool. UNICEF staff in Madagascar want to use the trip to provide as full a picture as possible of the effect that preschool education has on the children, their parents and the community they live in. Only 10 per cent of young children are able to go to preschool and thanks to the Savings Account for UNICEF 1,280 children are now able to attend the preschool that has been built in their village

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