Robeco announces name change Rorento by sounding gong

Robeco Group announces that as of November 1, 2015, Rorento will continue under a new name. The fund, which is one of the oldest Dutch fixed-income funds, will be renamed to Robeco Global Total Return Bond Fund.

With the name change, the fund is more recognizable internationally. To mark the name change, and as the conclusion of the 40th anniversary of the bond fund, the investment team of the Robeco Global Total Return Bond Fund sounds the gong at Beursplein 5.

Kommer van Trigt, Portfolio Manager and Head of Global Macro Fixed Income team at Robeco: "We are pleased to close the jubilee year with a new name, which will contribute to better visibility and accessibility of the fund to investors worldwide. And though our name is changing, our investment policy remains intact. "

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