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Rabobank and Terre des Hommes sound gong


Trading day at the Amsterdam exchange is opened by Rabobank and Terre des Hommes, together they combat child exploitation. Director Retail & Private Banking, Ron Droste, sounds the gong.

It’s not unusual for full moving boxes to be left in the attic for at least a year after moving. Three out of ten people in the Netherlands store items such as books, home accessories, clothes, CDs and household items in their attics. In some cases we never intend to use these items, while in others we think they might come in handy one day. But most of the time these boxes are never touched or are moved unopened to the next attic.

This inspired Rabobank and the Terre des Hommes charity to come up with the idea of the Home Box. Every customer who visits Rabobank for a mortgage consultation or exploratory meeting is given a box to take home with them. The customer can then use it to bring usable items to one of the 42 Terre des Hommes shops in the Netherlands. Terres des Hommes subsequently uses the proceeds from selling the contents of these boxes to provide children in exploitative situations with a structurally better future.

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