Prokkelweek – Start preparations Prokkelweek


20191212 Prokkelweek

On the 12th of December Maartje van Boekel (VNG) and Tim van Zanten (LFB and Stichting Prokkel) will open the trading day of the stock market with a bang on the gong.

This is also the starting signal for the preparations of the Prokkelweek, a week filled with events connecting people with and without intellectual disabilities. During the network meetings in January, municipalities, companies and other organisations brainstorm about the upcoming Prokkelweek. In 2020, the week is from Monday the 8th of June until Saturday the 13th of June.

Stichting Prokkel / Prokkel Foundation

Since 2007 The Prokkel Foundation organises “exiting encounters” throughout the country between people with and without intellectual disabilities. To show how important and valuable these meetings are, Stichting Prokkel organises a ‘Week of the Prokkel’ every year: One week as an example and inspiration for the rest of the year.

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