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Project Prep and TomTom sound gong

By sounding the gong, Janneke Niessen and TomTom (ticker symbol: TOM2) call attention to the opportunities offered by technology and entrepreneurship to young girls.

Technology entrepreneur Janneke Niessen is committed to showing young girls that technology is extensive and the foundation of many creative professions: “I hope that girls are inspired to learn coding, to undertake and embrace technology.” As a result, Niessen initiated the book Project Prep, written by Niki Smit, winner of the Dutch Children’s Jury Award 2015.

Project Prep is supported by TomTom. Corinne Vigreux, founder of TomTom: “We are proud to support Project Prep. Getting more girls excited about technology and entrepreneurship is something we feel very passionate about. Project Prep is a great way to show young girls that a career in technology can be exciting and fun.”

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