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20190925 Partners at Work

Arthur van der Wal, CEO of Achmea Real Estate & Finance, sounds the gong as representative of Partners at Work’s clients. This is to thank them for their commitment on the diversity theme by actually appointing women in top positions.

Partners at Work is the executive search firm for a new generation of leaders in the financial and professional services sector. Since its establishment in 2003, the organization has made an important contribution to m / f diversity at the top of the business community.

Recently Partners at Work received the "Executive Search Award 2019" from the Talent to the Top Foundation.

According to the Monitoring Committee of the Talent to the Top Foundation, Partners at Work is an appealing example for other executive agencies when it comes to appointing women to the top of the business world. The Executive Search Code monitor provides insight into how search agencies are committed to appointing women to top positions and what results they are achieving.


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