Net4kids launches new campaign ‘”Small is of great significance’’ at Beursplein 5


Odette van Zijdveld, Managing Director, sounds the gong at Beursplein 5 and opens trading. On this occasion Net4kids launches its new advertising campaign "Small is of great significance". The campaign was developed pro bono by Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam and aims to show entrepreneurs and businesses that a small contribution can be of great significance. The campaign uses recognizable logos of companies and literally takes a piece out of it. With this Net4kids concretely show what one piece can do for one child.

Net4kids is a Business-to-Business platform for impactful support for children, where specific children's aid projects in Africa and Asia are directly and permanently connected to project investors. Net4kids stands for children's aid business in Asia and Africa and soon in the Netherlands. The foundation believes that a better world starts with children.

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