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NederlandSchoon supporters sound the gong


NederlandSchoon (The Netherlands Clean) opens trading at the Amsterdam exchange, together with the cleanest hockey club in the Netherlands, Peel en Maas. This hockey club, based in the town of Panningen, has set an example by creating a sporting environment that is easy to keep clean, as well as helping to encourage good sportsmanship and involvement.

The objective of NederlandSchoon is to reduce the amount of litter in the Netherlands. In order to achieve this goal, the foundation holds anti-litter campaigns, conducts research into the importance of a clean environment, and advises companies on how to process rubbish. People are becoming increasingly aware of the positive effect of a cleaning living environment, and as a result the country is now cleaner.

If everyone picked up their own litter, the government could save approximately 200 million euros a year. In fact, if only one in ten people picked up not only their own litter, but someone else’s litter as well every now and then, the litter problem would be solved. People who volunteer to pick up other people’s litter are known as Schoon Supporters. The director of the NederlandSchoon foundation, Helene van Zutphen, sounds the gong.

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