Nedap sounds gong for launch MOOV

Nedap (ticker symbol: NEDAP),  - leading specialist in vehicle identification and detection technology - launches the next generation of its solutions for vehicle access control. Nedap MOOV is the world’s first access control system specifically designed for vehicle entrances in cities and parking facilities. Eric Urff, CFO, sounds the gong on this occasion.

With this new solution Nedap responds to the worldwide trend towards smarter cities and the increasing focus on mobility challenges in those cities. Nedap has been active in the field of vehicle access control for decades. The Dutch company is also known for its building access control and RFID readers. Nedap MOOV originates from the Dutch market where the product is applied in more than 40 cities to regulate the volume and the flow of motorized traffic in city centres and shopping areas. In these cities, managed vehicle entrances to the city centre are created to control who is granted access and who does not get access.

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