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20191016 National Icons

Three Dutch companies InReda Diabetic, Ioniqa and Hiber have been pronounced National Icons by Mona Keijzer on behalf of the Dutch government. The companies are shining examples of Dutch innovation. Together they open the stock exchange.

About National Icons election 
State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) recently announced the winners: “Inreda Diabetic, Ioniqa and Hiber are Dutch solutions to global challenges in the field of healthcare, recycling and digitisation. These new National Icons are shining examples of our innovative force. Their inventions have great economic potential. We expect a lot from them – and the government will support them with that.”

In the next three years, the government will support the three National Icons in fulfilling their ambitions. They are each assigned a Minister or a State Secretary as an ambassador. This will provide them access to a large network – both national and abroad –, help finding capital and new partners, and ensures support from the government.
About InReda Diabetic
InReda Diabetic developed an artificial pancreas for people who suffer from diabetes type 1. It is the only device in the world that works fully automatically, saving patients lots of effort. Developer Robin Koops, who suffers from diabetes himself, first tested the device on himself and then developed it into a promising product. []

About Ioniqa 
Ioniqa developed a technique with which eventually 25% of the world wide plastic production can be recycled infinitely, and that in a highly energy-efficient way. A number of large multinationals have already partnered up with this Dutch innovation. This is the example of how to make our economy more sustainable. []

About Hiber 
Hiber has their own satellite network, with which the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used all across the globe. Regular mobile networks cover about 10% of the world. The company is a frontrunner in a field in which the Netherlands want to excel: digital infrastructure. This sector will change drastically because of the starkly increasing use of smart devices. []