Lusiaves lists €25 million in Bonds


Lusiaves rings the closing bell to celebrate the listing of €25 million in Bonds

To celebrate the raising of €25 million in bonds, Lusiaves-SGPS rang the Closing Bell. The CEO, Avelino Gaspar, was accompanied by Euronext team.
The company assumed that it will invest € 100 million in 2016 to expand and internationalization of their business.
Lusiaves’ activity is varied, from rearing reproductive hens through the production of eggs with the respective hatching and production of chicks, to the poultry production of broilers, free-range chicken and turkey, as well as poultry slaughtering and processing. Lusiaves also has a network for distributing and marketing food products. It has a factory for producing compound feed and has a plant for recovering and processing animal by-products.