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Know What You Spend Foundation sounds gong for Financial Literacy Week 2014


Director of the Know What You Spend Foundation, Thea Hazel-Stals, sounds the gong to mark Financial Literacy Week 2014 and the start of the financial education impact measurement project.
In 2013 the Know What You Spend Foundation reached 400.000 adolescents on its Edgie website and Facebook page. 10% of that group used one of the tests or tools for financial literacy and over 16.000 adolescents participated in lessons on financial education. The foundation sees an increasing interest for financial education in the classroom. To get an understanding of the effect of the lessons and online tools the foundation starts an impact measurement project, together with Utrecht University.

The Know What You Spend Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is supported by Nibud, PGGM, SNS REAAL, Vodafone, Emakina, Microsoft, FunX and SNS REAAL Fonds. The foundation aims at improving financial capability of adolescents (12-25 years). For that purpose the foundation has continuous interaction with adolescents and it develops innovative online and offline interventions to support their financial literacy and capability.

With the new ‘Amsterdam Exchange Experience ' Euronext Amsterdam also provides financial education on the role and the history of the exchange as well as on its listed companies. For more information about this interactive tour and registration, please visit

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