KAS BANK opens trading at the exchange with gong ceremony

Sikko van Katwijk, Chairman of KAS BANK’s Managing Board, opens trading at the Euronext Amsterdam exchange. Joining him at the opening are several clients from the financial and pensions industries.

KAS BANK (ticker symbol: KA) opens trading on the occasion of the bank’s recent win of “Custodian of the Year” at the annual European Pensions Awards held in London in early June. In addition to the recognition of the role of KAS BANK, this award is seen by KAS BANK as reward for the prominent and innovative role of the entire Dutch pensions and securities industries within Europe.

One of the recent innovations that the independent jury referred to in their motivation to recognize KAS BANK, was the launch last year of a cost benchmarking service. This initiative has been acknowledged as an important step towards greater transparency of the true cost to pension funds of the total investment process. Not only enhancing transparency for an individual scheme, it shows how these costs compare to a similar group of pension funds. As a result of this information trustee boards, pension fund professionals, members and all stakeholders now better understand the total costs of running the fund, both explicit and implicit. Since the start of the initiative, more than 50 pension funds have signed up to participate in the benchmark. This makes this cost benchmark one of the most used in the Netherlands.

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