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iShares celebrates 10 year anniversary iShares AEX UCITS ETF

Today iShares, the exchange-traded funds offering of BlackRock, celebrates the 10 years’ listing of its iShares AEX UCITS ETF on Euronext Amsterdam. This fund was one of the first ETFs to come to market in continental Europe, a market that has evolved to a whole new stage of growth with new users and new uses emerging for ETFs.

The iShares AEX UCITS ETF is a physically replicating fund which offers an opportunity to track the performance of an index composed of 25 of the largest Dutch companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam. As investors are increasingly looking for ways to diversify their portfolios, the fund has steadily grown in size over the years, with even more interest over the last few months. Since inception, the fund has grown to 396 M Euro, and currently has a total expense ratio of 30 basis points.

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