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International Women’s Day


WOMEN Inc. sounds gong on International Women’s Day

WOMEN Inc. opens trading on International Women’s Day at the Amsterdam exchange on the occasion of the investment in gender-specific health care made by the Ministry of Health. Jannet Vaessen, director WOMEN Inc., sounds the gong.

Minister Edith Schippers invests 12 million Euros in research on women’s health over the next few years. This was announced by Director General of Public Health, Angelique Berg at a meeting of WOMEN Inc. on gender-specific health care.

The money will be invested in a multi-year National Knowledge Program on Gender and Health. Jannet Vaessen, Director WOMEN Inc.: ‘’We are very proud and excited about the good news of Minister Schippers about this investment in a National Knowledge Program on Gender and Health. We see it as a recognition of the longstanding commitment of the Gender & Health Alliance.’’

WOMEN Inc. is an agenda-network for women who want to strengthen themselves and one another. WOMEN Inc. calls for a tailored health care. This is necessary because health care is now based largely on the male body. Custom tailored health care contributes to the quality and thereby provides costs savings. WOMEN Inc. founded  the Gender & Health Alliance in 2011, a collaboration of medical specialists, general practitioners, psychologist, professors and policy makers to jointly recognize and acknowledge the importance of gender sensitivity in order to improve the quality of physical and mental health.

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