IMC Weekendschool Basis Starts off the new school year


20100910 IMC Weekendschool Basis

To start off the new school year, several pupils of the IMC Basis programme sound the gong.

About IMC Basis

IMC Basis is an educational program at primary schools, developed by Stichting IMC Weekendschool. At a growing number of primary schools throughout the Netherlands, in underprivileged areas, students of grades seven and eight (ages 9 to 11) get the chance to acquire the skills, knowledge and motivation that they need to develop to the fullest of their capabilities, to grow beyond their limits, and learn to make motivated choices for their future. The students participate in IMC Basis weekly for three hours, over two years, during school hours. Professionals (volunteers) introduce students to a wide range of topics, including journalism, law, medicine, entrepreneurship and IT.

We envision that within ten years IMC Basis education is an accepted and integrated part of the Dutch school system. Already, IMC Basis has scaled up from six to thirty-four locations in the Netherlands in the last couple of years. In the coming years the program will prepare for scaling up to 50 IMC Basis schools, and to then continue scaling up on the basis of field-findings, research outcomes, and continuing conversations with educational policy makers.

IMC Weekendschool was founded in 1998 with support of IMC Financial Markets & Asset Management.

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