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IMC Weekend School celebrates start alumni Summer Camp


IMC Weekend School celebrates the start of the new academic year for the alumni. The start of the new academic year is marked by two summer camps. On Monday August 11th the second summer camp starts. These summer camps consist of several workshops and master classes by dedicated guest lecturers.

IMC Weekend school provides supplementary education to young people between the ages of ten and fourteen who come from deprived backgrounds and are anxious to learn. Lessons are given by enthusiastic professionals such as entrepreneurs, nursing professionals, judges and artists. The students come into contact with different professional groups and sectors, and are given a broader view of society so that they can make better, more informed choices about their education and career. IMC Weekend School receives a substantial yearly contribution from ING and is also financed by over one hundred companies and funds.

An important part of the cooperation with ING is that employees participate as volunteers. For example by providing guest lectures about learning how to manage personal finances, workshops for alumni or guidance throughout the school year. Alumni, Candice Lepelblad, sounds the gong together with other alumni and representatives of partner ING.

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