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Het Beleggingsfonds


Euronext welcomes new Beursplein 5 resident Het Beleggingsfonds

Euronext welcomes new building occupant Het Beleggingsfonds at Beursplein 5. Andre Brouwers sounds the gong for the occasion. Het Beleggingsfonds is a new initiative that has its origin at the Beleggingsinstituut. The Beleggingsinstituut is housed in the heart of the financial sector and offers investors training and coaching programs to assist them in developing a successful strategy.

Since the founding of the Beleggingsinstituut, more than 20,000 investors were assisted in developing a successful strategy. The new initiative enables Het Beleggingsfonds to carry out the strategy of the Beleggingsinstituut for the wealthy investor. They can rely on a responsible approach, without needing to have the specialist knowledge and the time.

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