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Grachtenfestival Amsterdam opens trading with clarinetist Bart de Kater


Clarinetist Bart de Kater opens trading at Euronext Amsterdam for the opening of Grachtenfestival Amsterdam.

The festival has alternative ways to introduce classical music to a broad audience and it helps young, talented musicians to shine. The program starts on Friday 15 August with a concert on the pontoon in front the Bellevue theater. Grachtenfestival Amsterdam will be held until 24 August, and this year it boasts 250 concerts on 90 different venues. The venues of this year's concerts are the future subway station Vijzelgracht, the future bicycle tunnel under Amsterdam Central Station, the Hembrug area, several venues at the Zuidas, and more. Clarinetist Bart de Kater performs at the Portuguese Synagoge on Thursday 21 August at 8pm.

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