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Gong marks intended launch Euronext Dairy Complex


Gong marks intended launch Euronext Dairy Complex Placeholder

By sounding the gong Euronext celebrates the launch of a dairy derivatives complex in spring 2015.

The full suite of futures and options will cover the three key dairy products currently traded in Europe and internationally: butter; skimmed milk powder; and whey powder, allowing the European dairy community to hedge its exposure to price fluctuations in this volatile market, just as the milk quotas expire in the European market.

The European market is the world leader in dairy production and the second largest exporter of dairy products worldwide. On 31 March 2015, milk quotas, originally initiated under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, will expire leading to liberalization of production and potential increased volatility in the European dairy industry. In addition, global demand for milk is increasing whilst supply chains can be unpredictable. Within this context this new product complex will allow the industry to manage their risk more smoothly in a transparent, regulated and liquid market.

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