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Gong ceremony marks first edition of Eye on index investing


In honour of the first edition of Eye on index investing, moderator of the event, Annette van Soest, sounds the gong. Eye on index investing is an event focusing on ETFs and index funds, which has been set up on the initiative of iShares, Vanguard, Think ETF’s, State Street Global Advisors, and ETF Securities, in cooperation with Euronext. The purpose of the event is to increase knowledge of ETFs and index products.

Worldwide there has been a sharp rise in the use of index products and ETFs over the past two years. Using these investment products effectively on a day-to-day basis requires a thorough knowledge of their specific features and the potential they provide. Europe alone expects to see growth of between 15 and 20%, distributed among various investor segments; the current focus is on the preferences of retail investors in relation to ETFs and index funds. The event consists of both online and live meetings. Top speakers from the Netherlands and abroad will discuss current trends and visions of the future of ETFs and index funds via interactive webcasts. A limited number of tickets for the live event in Amsterdam on 8 May is available for investment industry professionals.

Moderator, Annette van Soest, sounds the gong in the company of Gert-Jan Verhagen (iShares), Martijn Rozemuller (Think ETF’s), Philippe Roset (ETF Securities), Jasper Bugter (SPDR), Koen Hoogenhout (Vanguard) and Roger van Elderen (Euronext).

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