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20190916 Gijs and Wally

Aad van Hall, the son of Resistance Banker Walraven van Hall will perform the Gong ceremony.

About Gijs and Wally

With his brother Gijs, ‘Wally’ secretly collected an amount equal to half a billion Euros during the Germany occupation. This money was distributed amongst 150.000 persons by men and women on bikes.

Those in need were, among others, families whose husbands were at sea when the Nazi’s occupied the Netherlands and who decided to sail for the Allies. The Nazi’s stopped the payments to their families. Money was also distributed to families who were hiding Jews or of men who refused to go to work in German war industry.  And they supported 30.000 families of the railroad workers who went on strike from September 1944 to the end of the occupation in May 1945. Railroad workers went on strike on 17 September 1944, 75 years ago tomorrow.

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