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Foundation Stofwisselkracht open trading


Foundation Stofwisselkracht and Team Axel open trading to call attention to the Stofwisseltour 2015. Axel Driëenhuizen sounds the gong.

From 19 – 21 June, bicycle racing teams participate in the Stofwisseltour through the Netherlands. Each team will cycle on behalf of a sick or deceased child. The purpose of the tour is to call attention to metabolic disorders and raises money for research.

Each year, around 800 children are diagnosed with a metabolic disorder in The Netherlands. There is currently no treatment for many of these metabolic disorders, leaving many children developing severe mental and physical disabilities. More than half of the children dies before they are 18 years old.

Foundation Stofwisselkracht joins forces with parents, patients, doctors, researchers and volunteers to fight against metabolic diseases. Through sports and social events and activities, the foundation raises funds for research.

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