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20191015 Dutch Food Week

Aalt Dijkhuizen, Chair of Dutch Food Week, sounds the gong together with the 5th graders from the Brede School Annie M.G. Schmidt of Amsterdam: the food producers, connoisseurs, salesmen and consumers of the future.

It is Dutch Food Week (from October 5-16) and the Dutch food sector is showing the passion it puts into working on our food: both now and in the future. Ten days are spent celebrating the fact that it is for good reason that our sector is a top economic player in the world, and that every day we can be assured that delicious, healthy and sustainable food will end up on our plate.   

About Dutch Food Week
Dutch Food Week is committed to drawing national and international attention to the quality and innovations of the Dutch food sector. The entire chain shares its enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills with society, inviting everyone to discuss the question “What are we actually eating?”. Farmers, market gardeners, entrepreneurs from the supply and processing industry, retail, government, and scientists show how they work on the development, production, and distribution of our food. In a week full of master classes, surprising tours, tasty workshops, and an international event, Dutch Food Week shows all the beauty that the Netherlands has to offer in the area of food and drink for the consumers of today and tomorrow!

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