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Double listing anniversary KBC


Together, KBC and KBC Ancora write 80 years of stock market history

Today Euronext celebrated a double listing anniversary: that of bank-insurer KBC and its reference shareholder KBC Ancora. They are listed respectively 65 and 15 years on the Euronext markets. On this occasion, Johan Thijs, CEO of KBC Group, and Franky Depickere, CEO of KBC Ancora, opened the financial markets by ringing the bell.

It's 65 years ago that Kredietbank shares were first listed at the then Brussels Stock Exchange. Since the KBC merger in 1998, the shares have been listed under the KBC label.

Since 2001, following the establishment of Almancora by KBC shareholder Cera, that share has also been listed on Euronext,
first as Almancora and later as KBC Ancora. And so it is that, today, KBC and KBC Ancora have chalked up 80 years of stock market history. Over that period, the two institutions have actively contributed to the development of Belgium's economy and society. Today, Johan Thijs, CEO of KBC Group, and Franky Depickere, Managing Director of KBC Ancora, therefore had the pleasure of being invited to ring the bell to start trading at Euronext Brussels.

Johan Thijs looks to the future: 'In the past 18 years, KBC has grown to become an important, visible market  player  that  is  actively  followed  by  both  individual  investors  and  large  institutional  investors, both  at  home  and  abroad.  In  spite  of  the  sometimes  turbulent market  environment,  KBC's  unique integrated bank-insurance model has proved itself as a foundation for sustainable, profitable growth. With  the  support  of  our  core  shareholders,  we  can  confidently  work  on  rolling  out  our  long-term strategy in the interests of our clients, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.'

Franky Depickere adds: 'Together with Cera and the other core shareholders, KBC Ancora constitutes a shareholder structure for KBC Group that is stable and rooted in the local community as a basis for healthy onward development and the creation of shareholder value in the long term.'

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