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CEO and CFO Sligro Food Group celebrate 25th listing anniversary


CEO Koen Slippens and CFO Huub van Rozendaal from Sligro Food Group N.V. (ticker symbol: SLIGR) sound the gong  to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company's listing.

In 1989, Sligro Beheer N.V., as the former Slippens family business was then known, was floated in order to raise capital to finance further growth. The past 25 years can best be described as a period of value creation. At the time of its listing in 1989, the company had net sales of €190 million and net profit of €2.8 million. The issue price was NLG 52 (now €1.18), and following the issue the company's market capitalization stood at €28 million. The company progressed from the Parallel Market to the AScX index, and today it is included in the AMX index. Sligro Food Group N.V. currently has annual net sales of €2.5 billion with net profit of almost €70 million and a market capitalization of €1.2 billion. The average compound return over 25 years amounts to 17% a year. An interim dividend will be made payable on Monday, 20 October to mark the anniversary of the company's listing.

Sligro Food Group encompasses food retail and foodservice companies selling directly and indirectly to the entire Dutch food and beverages market. The Group is active in foodservice as a wholesaler (Sligro and Van Hoeckel) and in food retail (EMTÉ supermarkets) as a wholesaler and retailer.

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