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20191008 Binck Academy

Peter Siks, investor trainer at the Binck Academy and co-author of "Investing for Dummies" will sound the gong together with Anja van Koetsveld, customer of BinckBank and winner of a competition. He is supported by five customers who have won a competition. Colleague trainer and co-author Hans Oudshoorn will also attend the ceremony.


The reason that the Binck Academy sounds the gong is emphasizing the increasing importance of financial education. And in view of the social developments, as a result of which people are increasingly becoming responsible for their own financial future, the education of (new) investors will only become more important in the future.


About BinkBank N.V.

BinckBank N.V. is an online bank for investors, established and active in the Netherlands and recently part of SAXO Bank. Binck has activities in Belgium, France and Italy, and a representation in Spain. BinckBank offers investment and asset management services and focuses its services on private individuals, companies / legal entities and independent asset managers.


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