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Sounding gong marks 20th anniversary AMX-Index

Today Euronext celebrates the 20th anniversary of the AMX-Index.

The AMX is the index for mid cap companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam and was launched on 4 October 1995. The index was created to give the mid cap companies more visibility and to help investors to gain better insight in the overall performance of the Dutch mid cap companies. The AMX contains the 25 second most largest and actively traded companies listed on Euronext Amsterdam, and is the most widely used mid cap indicator of the Dutch stock market. The index is tracked by an ETF and leveraged products. Since the beginning of this year the number of outstanding products linked to the AMX-Index has grown with 133%* to 84* and the ETF had an Inflow of assets under management of 3.5* million.

The AMX is calculated in a price and a gross (total) return version as of the start and a net return versions was added to the family in 2010.  All indices were calculated back to 1983 and in this 32 year period the AMX (price) had a yearly performance of 8.6%* and the AMX GR of 12%*.

*Percentage and numbers as of end of august 2015

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