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Amundi ETF is launching the first ‘Multi Smart Beta’ ETF, a new proof of its ‘smart beta’ product innovation strategy


This launch fits with the expertise of Amundi, a major global asset manager, in the mapping, selection and implementation of smart beta solutions. Amundi ETF is 5th  European  ETF provider.

Amundi ETF is launching an innovative ETF on Euronext Paris providing investors with exposure to the Scientific Beta Developed Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy ERC strategy index.

This launch follows Amundi’s recent partnership with Edhec Risk Institute Scientific Beta, announced last February, initiated to develop and promote ETF and Index solutions to meet increasing demand from institutional investors.

With an existing range of single ‘Smart Beta’ strategy ETFs (Minimum Volatility, Mid Cap, Small Cap, Growth, Value and High Dividend), Amundi ETF is now entering the ‘Multi Strategy’ era of Smart Beta development.

The global equity 'Scientific Beta Developed Multi-Beta Multi-Strategy ERC' Index is combining efficiently four main risk factors (Value, Size, Low Volatility and Momentum ) with five popular diversification smart beta strategies, and finally uses an Equal Risk Contribution (ERC) weighting scheme.

This new ETF is offered with a TER of 0.40% and is available in EUR, GBP and USD share classes.