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Ambassadors celebrate 30th anniversary Dutch Service Dog foundation


Rudolph Strickwold, marketing and commercial director, sounds the gong to celebrate the foundation’s 30th anniversary. Accompanying him are ambassadors Frits Wester, Anita Witzier, Anouk Smulders, Anky van Grunsven, Peter van Uhm, Frank van den Wall Bake and Monique Heijn.

The Dutch Service Dog foundation is a centre dedicated to training service dogs to provide medical and therapeutic assistance in order to increase the independence and self-reliance of disabled and partially disabled people, and facilitate their reintegration into society. The organisation trains dogs to develop 70 skills that can help those with a physical disability or therapeutic requirements. In connection with its 30th anniversary, the foundation is calling on individuals and organisations to help celebrate by organising as many fundraising activities as possible.

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