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Aids Fonds sounds gong for AmsterdamDiner Foundation


CEO of Aids Fonds, Ton Coenen, sounds the gong together with board members of the AmsterdamDiner Foundation.

On May 17th, the charity dinner will take place for the 22nd time. The benefit is organised annually to help invest in the national and international responses to HIV and AIDS. It mobilizes the business world to join partners and politicians in supporting innovative projects to address HIV and AIDS.

This year, the Amsterdam Dinner is entitled: ‘What a difference a day makes’. It refers to the importance of early treatment of acute HIV infection. The funding raised through the Amsterdam Dinner will mostly go to Prof. Dr. Joep Lange’s research. He is examining the effect of immediate treatment shortly after HIV infection. Weakening the virus directly after infection creates the possibility of eliminating the health risk of the patient as well as the risk of transmission to others. These effects would even hold after treatment has stopped.

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